• Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality

    Planned Parenthood has created an eight-minute virtual reality video called ‘Across the Line’. This computerised footage is an attempt to portray pro-life activists and campaigners in a negative, biased and falsified way.

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  • Mechanical Family Planning

    Mechanical Family Planning

    The UK introducing its very own two-child policy following in China's bloodstained footsteps...

  • The Barbaric Hypocrisy

    The Barbaric Hypocrisy

    The Belfast Telegraph released a report that local pro-choice campaigner, Helen Crickard, won’t be prosecuted following PSNI abortion pill raid on March 8th, International Woman’s Day.

  • "The Heartless Machine" by Lucy Kelly

    The Daily Mail exposes the reality behind Marie Stopes' 'bulk signing' consent forms, manipulating reasons for abortions and their poor, unsanitary conditions. Abortions booked in the time it takes to pour yourself a cup of tea...