The Disgusting, Disturbing Reality

 The 2017 Pennsylvania Department of Health's deficiency report on Hillcrest abortion centre, Harrisburg, exposed that it used expired medical supplies, had no record of patients receiving anesthesia, and didn't run the legally required background checks on employees who work with minor patients.

 An interview with EMP1, in February, confirmed that the facility did not employ or otherwise utilise the services of a Registered Nurse, despite being legally bound to do so. The 44-page report indicated the facility didn't have a registered nurse or doctor supervise patients "while recovering from surgery or anesthesia." 

 Hillcrest didn't have any policy for addressing "suspected abuse reporting requirements for dependent adults 18 years old to 59 years old." It didn't document whether seven abortion patients received anesthesia and it lacked policies dealing with the use of local anesthesia in the abortion room. It also failed to ensure that a full-time person was appointed who had authority and responsibility for the operation of the Ambulatory Surgical Facility."

 Hillcrest didn't properly store prescription drugs, nor did it keep a log or inventory of its drugs. They were "stored in a manner that was accessible by unauthorised staff and the patients." It also kept old syringes in "paper wraps that were physically deteriorated and yellow with age." Some of its medical supplies had been expired since 2004; some of the medicines it kept on hand had been expired since 2016.

 Penn Live noted that this is the "fourth time in six years" that Hillcrest has broken health laws. Operation Resuce has been documenting Hillcrest's unsanitary history. Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, told LifeSiteNews, "The abortion cartel will always insist that filthy lawbreaking abortion clinics are an anomaly but the fact remains, every single abortion mill in the country is breaking the law and violating the standard of care." This can be compared to Marie Stopes, a multinational abortion provider is notorious for moving into countries where abortion is illegal with the intention of changing the law through breaking the law.

 The media revealed that in June 2012 that 200 abortion activists, including Helen Crickard, signed an open letter declaring that they had helped women to get pills, broken the law and they invited the PSNI to prosecute them.

 The atrocities of Pennsylvania relates to the exposure of Marie Stopes’ unethical, unhygienic and inhumane conditions. Inspectors at Marie Stopes found failings in infection control systems, with poor hand hygiene, and failures in following basic surgery checklists. Remains of aborted babies were left in open hazardous waste bins. Unborn children have not only been denied their fundamental right to life but their human value and dignity has been reduced to the same level as dangerous waste. 

 In 2011, a health department deficiency report found that Hillcrest had no emergency patient resuscitation equipment and had failed to check that they removed all of a baby's parts during an abortion, or for ectopic pregnancy. They found uncovered biohazard waste bags and expired, rusty "sterilized" equipment. 

 The Care Quality Commission inspectors at the Marie Stopes centre in Maidstone, Kent voiced concern over the fact that when certifying the legal grounds for an abortion, the two certifying doctors had not usually seen the patient prior to a termination”. The doctors instead relied on the healthcare assistance or nurse’s summary of the facts”.

 It was revealed that their doctors approve thousands of abortions without meeting the women, ‘bulk signing’ the consent forms. More than 190,000 abortions are carried out each year in Britain, with around 60,000 of these undertaken at Marie Stopes’ abortion centres.  It can take as little as 22 seconds “for a call-centre worker at Marie Stopes to approve of an abortion.” One doctor was reported signing 26 consent forms in two minutes, signing for babies to be poisoned and dismembered.  Dr John Parsons, former Marie Stopes’ consultant gynaecologist, said We worked in an atmosphere of bullying and pressure – it was nothing more than a conveyor belt service.”

 In 2016, one of Hillcrest's patients needed emergency transport to a hospital for serious bleeding and vaginal hemorrhaging/lacerations.

 Pro-life advocates say Pennsylvania's lack of abortion regulations were what allowed abortionist Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortionist, to literally "snip" the spines of babies born alive during failed abortions, kill a woman via a botched abortion, and allow staff with no medical licensing to administer medication.

 "You would think that Pennsylvania would have learned its lesson from Kermit Gosnell, but the authorities would rather have bad abortions than no abortion at all," said Newman.

Maria Caulfield, Conservative MP for Lewes said, I and my colleagues will not be silenced as we seek to be the voices of the voiceless.” particularly“at a time when the UK abortion industry is knee-deep in allegations of unsafe and unethical practices.

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