Your Choice by Lois Kennedy

Before they make a choice, I want you to know my story.

I have been travelling for days, I am hot,

Even though my journey is in water,

And I can’t remember when I last ate.

I am traveling to your doorstep and I’m so close to your world

I can hear voices from your side of the door.

They argue about me,

Some want to let me in and live amongst them.

Others want me gone.



I am confused because I have done nothing wrong.

I haven’t even spoken to these people

And they talk of leaving me.

Their voices become clear as I inch closer,

They talk of my imperfections,

My face, my skin, my eyes.

They cannot see my face, but they say It will be imperfect.

I am sad now because I know that God made me perfect

So, it must’ve been me who destroyed it.



I am but a child

and I have come from a place you nor they have known.

My last chance is this new place where I can start my life

But that cannot happen if they decide to…

No, I’ll not think about that.

I will be forgotten in these arguments,

Important people will decide to help me or to…

They don’t remember what it is like to be a child,

So afraid and lonely.

Some are even different, “imperfect” as they say,

Their voices will be ignored.



I curl up, hands crossed, knees up to my chest,

I listen to my heartbeat and dream.

De-dum, de-dum, de-dum.

I close my eyes Imagining a mother who cares for me,

A father who wants me.

At least God loves me,

He knows that I am just as much a person as they are.

I may see him soon.



The voices wake me up, loud from the other side.

I open my mouth, but my voice is not heard.

They have cries of “It’s my choice!”,

While I just cry.

I whisper back, “What about mine?”

I get closer to the door and clamp my hands over my ears.



I have come all this way, was it all for nothing?

I am only small and vulnerable,

I need your protection,

Will you repay me with this?

Let me live, let me breathe and give me a chance!



I am not some cells glued together,

I am not baggage to carry and then drop,

I am not an animal to put down because of illness

I am a baby, not a foetus.

I am your beginning,

Where all your lives began,

Will you murder me now?

As you say, it’s your choice.

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