Precious Life's new Billboard Campaign!

Date: 17th December, 2018

Precious Life have launched a new Billboard Campaign in Northern Ireland. The mobile trucks, conveying a pro-life message, will be travelling all over the different towns and cities across Northern Ireland in the run up to Christmas. Precious Life have commenced 'Phase 1' of this campaign in an effort to change hearts and minds across the length and breadth of Northern Ireland. The first billboard conveys the message from the perspective of an unborn baby, "I am a child. Not a choice." Bernadette Smyth, Director of Precious Life, said the billboards, "highlight the true humanity of unborn children, and the fact that our pro-life laws protect every person - born and unborn - regardless of gender, race, disability, circumstances of conception or predicted lifespan."

Mrs Smyth went on to say, "Our second billboard captures the offensive labels used by the pro-abortion lobby in a vicious attempt to dehumanise unborn babies. These labels include 'incompatible with life', 'no chance of survival', 'fatal fetal abnormality', 'serious handicap', 'conceived through sexual crime' and specific disabilities like  'anencephaly' and 'trisomy 13/18.' Abortion advocates also label babies prenatally diagnosed with Down's syndrome as disposable waste and a burden on society if allowed to be born. Our billboard gives a human face to all these beautiful babies who are discriminated against in the womb."

Bernadette Smyth concluded, "Much of the media coverage around this issue has sought to deflect from the shocking reality of what legalised abortion means. The pro-abortion lobby in Northern Ireland are constantly denying the humanity of unborn children and the barbarity of abortion."

These mobile trucks, which are 'Phase 1' of Precious Life's Billboard Campaign, will be travelling all over the different towns and cities across Northern Ireland during this Christmas season and 'Phase 2' will commence in the New Year with more billboards being rolled out across the North!

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