Precious Life condemn 'Human Rights' Commission's legal action for MORE abortions in N. Ireland

Precious Life has condemned the so-called ‘Human Rights’ Commission (NIHRC) for instigating legal action to have even more unborn babies killed by abortion in Northern Ireland - and use NHS money to pay for the abortions. The pro-life group also say they will ‘name & shame’ and protest at abortion centres in Northern Ireland.

Abortion was forced on Northern Ireland by the Westminster Parliament in October 2019. Section 9 of Westminster’s NI (Executive Formation etc) Act removed the sections of the Offences Against the Person Act that had previously protected unborn babies and their mothers from abortion in Northern Ireland. Their new abortion regulations came into force on 31 March 2020. Health Minister Robin Swann has since admitted that 664 babies were killed by abortion between March and October 2020.

NIHRC Chief Les Allamby said the Commission was “deeply concerned” at the LACK of abortions in Northern Ireland. The Commission has lodged judicial review proceedings in the High Court against the Stormont Executive and Department of Health for “...failing to commission and fund abortion...”

Director of Precious Life Bernadette Smyth said, “It is disgusting that this pro-abortion quango masquerading as a ‘Human Rights Commission’ is wanting to have more human beings killed – little human babies killed in their mother’s wombs. 664 babies have already been killed and that number will now be higher since October.

“Precious Life has been exposing the Human Rights Commission’s abortion agenda since 1999. For years the Commission tried to deny it, but now they unashamedly admit they want abortion right up to the moment of birth.

“Their legal action now is all the more repugnant at this time when the NHS say it is stretched to breaking point trying to save lives. Yet Les Allamby wants taxpayers’ money used to kill even more unborn babies in Northern Ireland. 

“At a time when necessary and life-saving care such as cancer treatments and screenings for breast cancer are being postponed to preserve hospital equipment, beds and staff, it is all the more outrageous to suggest that the killing of babies in the womb should be a priority. Yet abortions continue.

“The legal action from the NIHRC is a direct threat to the most basic and fundamental human right of all - the right to life - without it, all other rights are meaningless!"

The NIHRC legal action was also slammed by the TUV Councillor Timothy Gaston in the Belfast News Letter : “We have learned to expect little from the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission but their decision to launch legal action over the alleged failure to commission and fund the provision of abortion in Northern Ireland is a new low,” he said. “It is shameful that an organisation which proudly markets itself as ‘protecting and promoting the human rights of everyone in Northern Ireland’ should use public money in an action which would, if successful, result in a direct threat to the most basic and fundamental human right of the most vulnerable – the right to life of the unborn.

Our doctors and nurses are valiantly combating the threat of the virus and battle to keep people alive in our hospitals. They have won the admiration of everyone in our Province in doing so and this weekend Trusts were openly saying that they were at breaking point. Yet the NIHRC has chosen this moment to go to court to seek to use NHS resources in the ending of human lives.”

Bernadette Smyth concluded “Precious Life will continue exposing the pro-abortion agenda of Les Allamby and the so-called Human Rights Commission. We will continue campaigning to REPEAL SECTION 9 and RESTORE PERSONHOOD to our unborn babies. We will ‘name and shame’ and step up of protests outside the abortion centres in Northern Ireland where unborn babies are being killed.”


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