URGENT: Take Action Against calls for dangerous DIY home abortions in Northern Ireland

—  Take Action against calls for dangerous DIY home abortion provision in NI —

We need you to EMAIL the Health Minister Robin Swann to urge him to resist calls from abortion lobby groups to legalise DIY home abortions 

Date: 1st April 2020

We are urgently asking you for your help. With the tragic introduction of abortion in Northern Ireland, coming into force yesterday (31st March), the battle to rescue children in danger of abortion is in full force. 

Alliance for Choice, an anti-life lobby group in Northern Ireland, have launched an online petition campaign calling on the Health Minister Robin Swann to legalise dangerous DIY abortions through the use of abortion pills at home. Yes, in the middle of a national crisis, and as nations unite to protect the most vulnerable, under a shared understanding that all human life is precious, abortion campaigners are accelerating their efforts to ensure more unborn children are killed through abortion. 

Whilst the abortion lobby continuously use the excuse of not wanting to return to dangerous 'back-street' abortions, they are now advocating for what is essentially just that. It is truly unbelievable, but it is happening now and we need to ensure the Health Minister, who has the power to allow or disallow this, hears from the thousands of pro-life people in Northern Ireland.

What are DIY abortions?

DIY abortions are notoriously dangerous. Not only is the developing baby in the womb killed in early pregnancy, but women are placed at increased risks. At least 24 women worldwide have died because of adverse effects of the abortion pill. Aliance for Choice are calling for public access abortion pills via telemedicine (i.e., an online consultation without having to physically see a doctor).

Abortion is NOT healthcare. Mifepristone, also known as RU-486, and misoprostol are two very powerful substances taken together to abort an unborn child up to nine weeks of pregnancy. Contrary to what pro-abortion campaigners and the abortion providers say, there is no such thing as a safe abortion.

Heavy bleeding is the most common complication for women who have taken these drugs and infection and haemorrhage are the most frequent causes of mifepristone-related illness and death. In fact, since 2001, at least twenty four women worldwide have died from fatal complications including haemorrhage, toxic shock, sepsis, organ failure, and ruptured ectopic pregnancy following an early abortion with these drugs.

Please contact our Health Minister Robin Swann NOW!

You can use these points in your email:

The abortion pill process centres on two drugs. Mifepristone, or “Mifeprex,” is a synthetic steroid. When taken in conjunction with misoprostol, the combination carries a 95 percent success rate of forcing a woman’s body to miscarry.

Because of its function, it’s recommended that the drug only be taken up until the 10th week of pregnancy. The roughly five percent of children who survive the process are at much greater risk of birth defects.

While abortion supporters and activists say the medication carries a low risk of complications, the FDA warns against women with certain conditions taking these drugs, as side effects can include uncontrolled bleeding that requires surgery, sepsis, flu-like symptoms and even death.

The FDA added it has “received reports of serious adverse events in women who took Mifeprex, including “one case of ectopic pregnancy resulting in death; several cases of severe systemic infection (also called sepsis), including some that were fatal; and a single case of non-fatal heart attack.”

Contact Health Minister Robin Swann

Please email the Health Minister urgently. Abortion lobby groups have already been placing huge pressure on the Health Minister to allow women to kill unborn children at home. We need to ensure that the MLA knows that these views are not representative of the majority of people in Northern Ireland who truly care for the welfare of women and children. Please raise your concerns for the safety of women and the protection of all human life from its earliest stages.



Parliament Buildings:

Email: robin.swann@mla.niassembly.gov.uk 

Constituency Office:


Many thanks in advance for your help,

Yours in Life, 

The Precious Life Communications Team

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