The most important Lent for Life yet

This week, we launched our hugely important 'Lent for Life' Campaign, a combined effort of prayer, fasting and action to save unborn children from abortion during this Lenten Season. This is arguably the most important prayer Campaign yet for Precious Life, with abortion set to become a devastating and cruel reality in Northern Ireland by March 31st 2020. 

This annual prayer initiative has never been more crucial, as in a few short weeks, we face the legal destruction of unborn children being brought to our communities, towns and cities.

If somebody said to you, 'if you pray and fast for 40 days, you can save a baby from abortion' - would you do it?

This Lent, communities across Ireland and the UK will unite in faith for an end to abortion though Prayer and Fasting, Prayer Vigils, and Community Outreach. The diabolical horror of abortion is now imminent in Northern Ireland, thanks to the actions of pro-abortion politicians. We are now faced with the most extreme, cruel and barbaric abortion regime in Europe - with abortion now decriminalised, abortion will be legal on demand and for any or no reason right up to the 7th month of pregnancy (28 weeks).

We have been betrayed by pro-abortion forces at Westminster and failed miserably by our own indifferent politicians, who failed to listen to the cries of unborn children and the powerful democratic voice of thousands of vocal pro-life citizens in Northern Ireland.

However, the fight is only just beginning - and we urge you not to turn off the cries of our unborn brothers and sisters who are now pleading with us for our help; for our voices, our action, and our prayers.

The devastating imposition of a radical abortion regime in Northern Ireland will now leave unborn children defenceless and completely at the mercy of a merciless abortion industry, while in the Republic of Ireland, unborn children have also been stripped of all meaningful legal protection thanks to the Repeal of the Eighth Amendment. Mothers and babies throughout Ireland need your prayer and fasting like never before.

Now is the time to play your part in saving lives. Abortion - the deliberate and intentional killing of developing unborn babies, has now been removed entirely from criminal law in Northern Ireland, leaving us with legislation even more barbaric than in Britain. This means the unborn have no protection, and every child conceived in Northern Ireland is now at risk, including those with any life-limiting or non-fatal disabilities, who may suffer the same horrendous fate as children prenatally diagnosed with conditions like Down's Syndrome in Britain, who are routinely aborted right up to full term (40 weeks).

It has never been more important to offer up your Lenten Sacrifices, prayers and your free time during Lent to play your part in helping to save lives. As Proverbs 24:11 commands us, "Rescue those being led away to death;
hold back those staggering toward slaughter."

As part of the Campaign, we will be holding weekly Prayer Vigils outside the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast every Monday, and pro-life witnessing outside Belfast's abortion referral centre. Remember, many lives hae been saved in this hugely effective way.

As former Director of Planned Parenthood turned leading pro-life activist Abby Johnson writes in her Memoir, "You might wonder if your presence outside of an abortion clinic makes a difference.  Well, let me tell you what Planned Parenthood announced at the last national conference I attended.  They said this, "Our no-show rate goes up to 75% when people are outside our clinics praying." 

You see, when you come to pray, you are saving lives even if you don't know it.  Women see you and instead of pulling into the parking lot, they drive right by. When you are on the sidewalk, women see you as an outward sign of their inward conscience.

Your presence shows them that the decision they are making is morally objectionable.  Doesn't it feel good to know that you CAN save a baby from abortion?  You just have to show up.  You have to be present.  

I am in this movement today because of ordinary people who took on an extraordinary task.  My former abortion clinic is closed because of their sacrifice.  Babies are alive because of them.  Women are no longer being hurt by abortion in their community.  You can do this.  You can save a life."

Please join us this Lent for Life in praying for:

  • The protection of Northern Ireland's unborn babies from the threat of a radical abortion regime.
  • The protection of unborn babies and their mothers in the Republic of Ireland's new abortion regime.
  • The protection of women in crisis considering abortion.
  • The protection of Britain’s unborn babies through the abolishment of the 1967 Abortion Act.
  • The provision of real help and life-affirming options for women in crisis pregnancies.
  • The healing of women and men who carry the pain of a past abortion experience.
  • The conversion of all those who are involved in the abortion industry.


Please email us at for more information on how you can get involved this Lent, and for details of upcoming Prayer Vigils.

Thank you!

Yours in Life,

The Precious Life Communications Team

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