Journalist reveals how pro-life message is censored by media and abortion activists

Journalist John Burns, writing for The Sunday Times, warned those working on media outlets to be cautious of lobby groups ‘forever trying to control language, and often supply journalists with “reporting guidelines”. Use certain words or terms and not others, the lobbyists will instruct. Be sure to report certain details, and omit others.’

His warning comes after Ireland’s Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) sent journalists reporting guidelines instructing them to use words and report on details favourable to abortion activists, but omit the pro-life viewpoint that could highlight the humanity of a preborn baby.

In all human rights violations – those oppressing and killing the victims never want the victim to be discussed. It was the same with black people during slavery, the Jews during the Holocaust and it now applies to preborn children in the womb.

These pro-abortion guidelines from the ARC state online newspapers and websites should “refrain from showing images of big bellies of late pregnancy which imply that the foetus is a fully formed baby”. They also spoke against utilising “images that make a foetus or embryo look like a fully formed baby”, claiming that images that show an unborn baby are “used by anti-abortion groups in the hopes of creating guilt”.

Pro-life people never want to guilt people. They have seen the detrimental and long-lasting effects abortion has on women and men so they want to provide compassionate and life-affirming alternatives. The images, of both fetal development and aborted babies, continue to be used because they have saved lives.

The ARC suggest that instead of images of preborn babies, or a baby bump, news outlets should use “elected officials working to advance abortion policy”. Also, they suggest visuals such as the annual March for Choice; a person speaking with a doctor; or “people working together in a community to raise awareness or increase understanding of the need for abortion services”.

There is never a moral or medical necessity for abortion – the intentional killing of preborn babies.

The ARC not only want to censor media images but also the language the media use with regards to the abortion issue. Journalists should say “pregnant woman or person” instead of “mother” or “parent”. Apparently ‘unborn baby’ is “a contradiction in terms”and “embryo” or “foetus”should be used instead. 

If abortion activists are so keen on using scientific language like embryo – then they should stop ignoring the science fact that life begins at conception and the scienctific and medical research showing the humanity of preborn babies and dangers of abortion.

The guide also instructs journalists not to use the phrase “abort disabled children” when describing a baby with a disability such as Down’s syndrome being aborted. Instead the term “abortion on grounds of serious fetal anomaly” should be used. 

So much for a society of “equality” for all - even those with a disability.

Abortion is not “illegal”; but “legally restricted”. This is because abortion activists want abortion “decriminalised” aka criminalised right up to and including BIRTH.

They add that instead of prevent pregnancies” journalists should say “prevent unintended or unwanted pregnancies” as “abortion should not be seen as a problem but as a possible solution when someone experiences unintended or unwanted pregnancy.”

The term “safe-access zones” should be used over “exclusion zones” so pregnant women can “access health care in private and without being subjected to harassment or intimidation”. Mr Burns made the point that “the most insistent lobbyists tend to get their way”

It is often outside abortion (referral) centres that lives are saved because women are provided with life-affirming alternatives and support.

The BBC News Style Guide has required their journalists to “avoid pro-abortion, and use pro-choice instead”. When it comes to describing the pro-life position they advise journalists to “use anti-abortion rather than pro-life”. BBC also stipulate thatHeartbeat bill should be carried in inverted commas, attributed or framed as so-called heartbeat bill.’

The BBC has also been caught suppressing polling they commissioned for a documentary, called Abortion on Trial, which showed that there was no widespread support for more liberal abortion access in Britain. Last year, the Guardian followed the BBC’s lead and adopted changes in how they report on abortion. In fact, these two media outlets are probably two of the most pro-abortion outlets.

Abortion activists may call themselves tolerant and liberal. But they are the least tolerant people. They only listen to you if you agree with their extreme abortion agenda.  

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