New medical research proves the horrific pain preborn babies feel during an abortion as early as 13 weeks gestation

Medical consensus has believed that unborn babies do not feel pain until the middle or end of the second trimester, 20 to 24 weeks. But newly published medical research indicates that unborn babies can feel pain much sooner.

The new research indicates that unborn babies can feel “something like pain” as early as 13 weeks, pro-abortion British pain expert, Professor Stuart Derbyshire — who has previously consulted the Pro-Abortion Forum in the UK and America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood — and American Dr. John Bockmann told the Mail Online. The new evidence is so telling, in fact, that Derbyshire and Bockmann say ignoring the evidence “flirts with a moral recklessness that we are motivated to avoid.”

Women going for abortions who have reached this stage of pregnancy should be told the baby will experience pain while being aborted, they argue. And medical staff should ask if the woman wants the baby to be given pain relief.

The strong statement comes despite a 2006 declaration by Professor Derbyshire in the British Medical Journal that not informing women seeking abortions about the potential pain their unborn child will experience is “sound policy based on good evidence that fetuses cannot experience pain.”

Previously, medical experts thought younger unborn babies could not feel pain because the cerebral cortex, which controls sensory information and the nervous system, is not sufficiently developed until about 24 weeks. However, one recently medical study discovered that an adult with an “extensively damaged” cerebral cortex could still feel pain, according to the Daily Mail.

“Given the evidence that the fetus might be able to experience something like pain during later abortions, it seems reasonable that the clinical team and the pregnant woman are encouraged to consider fetal analgesia [pain relief],” the doctors said.

The implications of the new research are significant because abortion limits are often built on the belief that unborn babies do not feel pain until 24 weeks. If the findings are confirmed — that unborn babies feel pain as early as the beginning of the second trimester — new abortion regulations to protect unborn life should be implemented around the world.

However, the suggestion that the scientists' claims should change attitudes towards abortion and the practice of it –were swiftly rejected by the Britain’s largest abortion provider, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service. The female head of BPAS, Ann Furedi, admitted on national television that they were pushing for sex-selective abortions right up to BIRTH.

This research is further proof that abortion kills babies in the most horrific and painful way. Abortion should be abolished because every human being, born and preborn, should never be killed by another human being. Every human being is valuable and deserves a chance at life. Being pro-life is being pro-science and anti-violence. The pro-life stance is in line with modern medical research findings - that are being updated and changed every day. 

An America study from 2017 even suggested that preborn babies can feel pain in the 1st trimester. When you add a complex, well-developed nervous system to our scientific knowledge of preborn babies in the 1st trimester, it is further proof that they are living human beings who deserve to be protected.

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