Press Release: Precious Life to Protest extreme pro-abortion event at Riddel Hall, Belfast TOMORROW

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Precious Life to Protest extreme pro-abortion event at Riddel Hall, Belfast TOMORROW

Northern Ireland's leading pro-life group Precious Life will be holding a protest tomorrow (Friday 17th January) from 9.00am to 1.30pm outside Riddel Hall, (185 Stranmillis Road, Belfast, BT9 5EE) to be a voice for unborn children in Northern Ireland.

Bernadette Smyth, Precious Life founder and Director said, "A pro-abortion conference will be taking place inside the venue. Abortion activists, medical professionals and a representative from BPAS (Britain's largest abortion business) will be advocating abortion up to 28 weeks (7 months of pregnancy) and planning the implementation of Westminster's brutal abortion law in our towns and cities. 

"Precious Life will be there to take a strong stand against this cruelty and we are entering into 2020 ready to be a pro-life witness, and ready to rescue more babies and mothers from the horror of abortion. The people of Northern Ireland will continue to say that abortion is not in our name." 

Riddel Hall is a building of Queen's University Belfast as well as home to other academic programmes and a venue for various social events. Riddel Hall is supported by Founders’ Club, a group of NI businesses, who donated more than £1m to its redevelopment.  NI customers and taxpayers who have contributed a lot of funds to this historic building that is now hosting a pro-abortion event against the wishes of many of those customers and taxpayers.

Bernadette Smyth concluded. "How can a university who educate young people simultaneously host an event with the sole aim of promoting a cruel and extreme regime to kill unborn children - future university students - in brutal abortions?  This is totally unjust and we will be there to speak for those who can't."

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