Top Ten Pro-Life Resolutions From Precious Life


Every year, we make New Year’s resolutions for a whole range of things – like quitting smoking, going to the gym, losing weight, eating healthier… and so on. While we certainly support all of these kinds of resolutions (even if they’re not always kept!), we wanted to challenge everyone to some resolutions in 2020 that can directly help to save mothers and babies from abortion.

Of course, we know that many of you reading this are already going above and beyond for the cause of unborn babies and their mothers; you are already sacrificing so much to help us save lives and change hearts and minds on abortion. As we move into 2020 however, heralding the start of a brand new decade, things are different. This is the beginning of the first year of legalised abortion in Northern Ireland. It’s heart-breaking, surreal and painful to process this devastating new reality, a reality marked by an overwhelming sense of injustice and loss in the knowledge that this cruel and extreme law has been forced on us.

Abortion – the deliberate killing of unborn baby boys and girls – has been brought about by the draconian actions of British politicians who treated the people of Northern Ireland with outrageous levels of contempt, ignorance and arrogance. Aided and abetted by the miserable failure of our own politicians to act, these pro-abortion politicians – none of whom represent us – have brought about the legalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland – at a time when, all over the world, countries are working to push abortion out of their towns and cities after decades of witnessing first-hand the catastrophic harm and incomprehensible loss of life caused by permissive anti-life laws.

Broken-hearted by the prospect of these changes, but encouraged by the global pro-life progress we see – stretching from Poland to the United States, we believe we need to raise the bar.

You can be the reason a mother changes her mind and saves her child’s life. You can make it possible to change the hearts and minds of everyday people, inspiring them to reject abortion and take action to defend vulnerable unborn children.

Together, we will change the course of history and make the killing of unborn children unthinkable in our nation and throughout the world. Every pound you donate means we can reach more people with the truth about abortion through our daily pro-life Street outreaches, our Stanton Project and Schools Campaign. We can change hearts and minds and save more babies from the horror of abortion.

If you can, please make your special end-of-year gift to Precious Life now by using the secure form here:

Top ten – We know there are many more ideas; we just wanted to give you a kick-start on being more active this year.


10.  LOBBY FOR LIFE! The only way to restore legal protection for unborn babies is through the repeal of this law (Section 9 of the Executive Formation Act). We can do so much by lobbying our elected representatives, voting and encouraging everyone we know to vote pro-life and help repeal section 9. We need to hold our politicians, especially those who have promised they are pro-life, to account at this time. If your elected representative claims to be pro-life, they must be lobbied and asked the question, “Will you work to repeal section 9 and restore full legal protection for unborn babies?” Our politicians, those with the power to change this dire situation, need to be put under real and sustained pressure and it is our duty to make the right to life for every baby the number one issue in every election, debate, public discourse and discussion in 2020.


9.  Pro-life Social Networking is a great way to spread pro-life facts and information to thousands of people. Although we can’t emphasise how important it is to get feet on the ground through outreach, prayer vigils, protests, rallies and so on, social media is an incredible tool which is constantly evolving and expanding and can be used to our advantage. Women have testified that seeing a pro-life post on social media has made them re-think their abortion, and has led to them choosing life for their baby. Precious Life and Youth for Life NI are constantly posting great pro-life information that you can share or copy and paste into your Facebook, blog, Instagram, Twitter, or any social networking site. Please visit and “Like” or “Follow” the Precious Life, and Youth for Life NI Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to get the latest news and updates that you can help spread. 






8.  Organise a collection or coffee-morning for Northern Ireland’s only full-time pregnancy support centre, Stanton Healthcare NI. Based in Belfast City Centre, Stanton do vital work to empower and support abortion-minded women and help rescue babies from the abortion industry. Stanton are constantly in need of financial support and backing since they receive no government funding and rely solely on the kindness and generosity of pro-life people. They provide emotional, financial and practical help to enable women to choose life in a crisis, and quality, confidential and professional healthcare free of charge. To keep this amazing service going, they need your help! Please contact Stanton to organise or contribute to a collection of baby and maternity supplies or to volunteer to do a coffee morning or fundraiser event. Email for more information and advice on how to run a fundraiser or collection.


7.  Educate yourself on all aspects of the pro-life movement.  One thing you can do is sign up for regular email updates from Precious Life. We are Northern Ireland’s oldest and largest pro-life organisation. Our Communications team will keep you updated on all the latest pro-life news, action alerts, events and stories, so it pays to sign up and read what you can. There are also great educational resources online at


6.  Wear pro-life t-shirts and clothing. Wearing clothing with a pro-life message is a powerful way to witness for unborn babies. Whether it’s one of our ‘Choose Life’ t-shirts or ‘Repeal Section 9’ hoodies, they are a great way of improving the visibility of the pro-life message; you can reach hundreds of people a day with a life-saving message! We are in the process of ordering new t-shirts and hoodies, so contact to order some!


5.  Donate regularly to help save mothers and babies from abortion and support the pro-life movement. There are many great organisations that we can list that deserve your support, but of course we suggest Precious Life and Stanton Healthcare NI. Your financial help allows us to produce and print educational materials, to run high-impact public awareness campaigns, postcard petition campaigns, advertising and marketing campaigns, events, information nights, rallies and workshops; ultimately helping us to change hearts and minds and work to make abortion unthinkable. Your financial backing also enables Precious Life and Stanton Healthcare NI to provide financial, emotional, practical and literally life-saving help to women and families considering abortion. Many beautiful babies have been rescued and are alive today because of your help. Simply go to or to make an online donation, or find out how to get on their mailing lists.


4.  Aged 16-30? Join Youth for Life NI today to join the greatest human rights battle of our day. Our youth-led initiative Youth for Life NI has grown over the years to become the UK’s most prominent pro-life street outreach team, working actively on the streets every Saturday to change hearts and minds and rescue mothers and babies from abortion. They have outreach sessions in Belfast, Derry and Omagh, and run an annual summer roadshow travelling the length and breadth of Northern Ireland to be a voice for unborn children. We believe young people are truly the generation called an equipped to end abortion, with many of them surviving legalised abortion and filled with the energy and passion to save other young people from the horror of abortion. They always need new and committed volunteers to continue their life-saving work! Be part of the most important human rights battle of today whilst making new friends for life. Contact them to get involved today by emailing or messaging them on Facebook at


3.  Help out with our upcoming public awareness campaigns by distributing pro-life literature. It is important that we are always prepared to present a knowledgeable and strong pro-life message at any time while educating our family, friends, neighbours and those in our communities or churches. Visit to check out some of our educational resources, or email to order literature to ensure you are equipped to make a stand for life.


2.  Counselling and witnessing outside abortion centres is one of the most direct and effective ways of outreach in saving unborn children. Being in front of an abortion referral centre and standing in the gap for the children and mothers is vital, and has proven to save countless lives.  If you would like more information about effective and compassionate pro-life counselling or would like to volunteer to join our team to help counsel, witness or pray outside a centre, please contact Bernadette Smyth at


1.  Prayer is our most powerful weapon and something we can do every day. In our 22 years of experience fighting this life-or-death battle, we can safely say that prayer changes everything. If you pray, please keep the women, girls and families considering abortion and the lives of their babies in your prayers and have reminders to help you pray for this important intention. We also organise prayer vigils and events from time to time for mothers and babies and the pro-life cause. For more information and to find out how to get involved or attend, please contact


BONUS IDEA – Can you start 2020 with a special Kick Off donation to Precious Life?  We are working hard to make this year our most active ever.  This is the beginning of our 23rd year; that means 23 years of saving babies from abortion. It also marks the first year of legal abortion in Northern Ireland. The devastating and heart-rending reality is that countless lives are now on the line. Please help us to make sure that we can give another generation of defenceless baby boys and girls a voice to save them from the horror of abortion.

Please click here and make a donation today to help us save lives in 2020 –

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