Family launch petition to change law to criminalise for killing unborn children before 24 weeks

  • Family launch petition to change law to criminalise for killing unborn children before 24 weeks

Abbie Nesbit very sadly lost her unborn baby boy after a thug allegedly broke into Abbie’s Mum’s house, where Abbie was staying, and threw her across a glass table. The incident occurred in Runcorn, Cheshire, England in the early hours of the morning on 11th August 2019.

Baby Jamie Andrew Luke Bennett was born sleeping, at 20 weeks, on 26th September 2019.

Heartbroken Abbie speaks of her horrific loss, "My life changed for ever that day, he was perfect with a beautiful little nose, 10 fingers and 10 toes."

Abbie continued, "I've not got my child. My baby would have been born perfectly if I hadn't been attacked. I had a son who had a perfect heartbeat and placenta.”

The family have launched an online petition, which has so far got over 8500 signatures, to change the law to criminalise people for killing unborn children before 24 weeks. Writing on the online petition, the family said:

"Our aim is to put a legislation into place or change the Child Destruction Act (1929) that was made regarding backstreet abortions that used to take place. In the eyes of the law, your child does not count as a victim of any crime unless your pregnancy has passed the 24 week gestation period. This means if you kill an unborn child you cannot be charged with the murder of that child, you cannot be charged with assaulting an unborn child."

This family have launched this petition – in dedication to baby Jamie – and it has got a brilliant response. However, pro-abortion politicians in the UK are simultaneously pushing for the full decriminalisation of abortion right up to birth. This family are courageously rejecting the extreme pro-abortion stance and declaring the personhood of preborn children who are worthy of legal protection.   

Abbie’s brother and Jamie’s Uncle, Luke Bryant said: "There is no law in the UK to protect unborn children under 24 weeks, with the help of all of you we hope to change this - one signature at a time. Please help us on our journey, sign and share."

The petition ends with the words, "In dedication to baby Jamie and all the other little hearts that stopped beating.”

We are very sorry for the loss of Jamie’s Mum and all the family. May baby Jamie Andrew Luke Bennett Rest in Peace in Paradise. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the family at this devastating time.

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