Real Derry Girls are Pro-Life!

Derry actress and so-called feminist Jamie Lee O’Donnell, best known for recent show Derry Girls, has been an incredibly vocal abortion advocate. She even acted in a pro-abortion show, ‘I Told My Mum I Was Going On An RE Trip’, in early 2017 with Liverpool-based theatre company 20 Stories High. Even the name of the show is offensive and portrays abortion as a frivolous “choice”. O’Donnell said, "I can't wait for people to see it. I'd love to do more stuff like it in the future."

O’Donnell is being paid to advocate for the killing of millions of Irish babies. She is yet another so-called “celebrity” to buy into the pro-abortion propaganda. Real feminists honour the bodies of women and the bodies of the female babies in the womb. Real celebrities use their fame for the good of everyone rather than promoting the mass killing of the most innocent and defenceless in our society.

Our pro-life laws in Northern Ireland safeguard mothers and unborn babies. The laws protect both and women are never denied life-saving treatment during pregnancy. Real healthcare save lives, real compassion doesn't kill and real feminists don't agree with abortion. Abortion kills babies and hurts, damages and even kills women.

O’Donnell is calling for a change to our life-saving laws in Northern Ireland. However, we are an example and a beacon of light to the rest of the UK, Europe and the whole world of a place that protects the right to life of every person – born and unborn – in law, policy and practice. In Britain, on the other hand, over 9 million babies have been slaughtered since the introduction of the Abortion Act in 1967. 90% of babies with Down’s syndrome are killed in Britain through the lucrative, bloodthirsty abortion industry, Marie Stopes.

In Northern Ireland, we have respect for every human life.  Our laws matter because EVERY life matters. We support women with real, life-affirming healthcare, love and support. Abortion has detrimental effect on the health of pregnant women – physically, emotionally and psychologically. Harmful effects include haemorrhaging, uterine perforation, cervical lacerations, pelvic inflammatory disorder, infertility, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviour and even death. The North protects mother and babies. We will continue to keep abortion not only illegal but unthinkable.

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