Three year old with Down's syndrome chosen as new brand ambassador of Neolith

A three year old girl, Pepita Sierra, with Down's Syndrome, has been chosen as the new brand ambassador for market-leading Sintered Stone brand Neolith. The three year old's life has already won over 200,000 followers through an Instagram account on which her mother, Fabiola, 'shares her daughter's zest for life, and the joy and happiness she brings.' 

By celebrating these moments Neolith also wants 'to contribute to the awareness and social integration of people with the extra chromosome.' Furthermore, Neolith will donate a part of its 2018 profits to the Pepitamola Foundation whose main objective is to fight for the acceptance and integration of people with different and extraordinary abilities like Pepita. In the international territorities where this campaign will be launching, part of the annual profit in each respective country will also be donated to Down's syndrome charities. 

This is an incredibly uplifting and powerful story considering that abortion discriminates against beautiful children like Pepita Sierra who have extra genetic material from chromosome 21. In Britain, 90% of preborn children, prenatally diagnosed with Down's syndrome, are killed through abortion. 100% of them are killed in Iceland and many other countries are trying to eliminate people with Down's syndrome through prenatally testing and killing.

This inhumane discrimination completely contradicts a society that promotes equality for everyone regardless of any disability. People with Down's syndrome bring an extraordinary joy and hope to our world. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little bit extra - an extra chromosome doesn't change human value and it doesn't stop children - like Pepita Sierra - from fulfilling their dreams and changing our world for the better. 

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