50 Years of the UK Abortion Act - 8.8 Million Lives Too Many

Today is a solemn and tragic day for humanity. 8.8 million babies have lost their lives since the introduction of the 1967 Abortion Act in England, Scotland and Wales. Today, the 27th October 2017, marks 50 years since the introduction of this inhumane, anti-life legislation which has murdered almost 9 million innocents.

50 years of “choice” has led to the killing of 8.8 million babies – the number of babies equivalent to the population of London. Our society has lost the respect and dignity for the value of human life.

Women in NI are safer without this murderous legislation. The law in NI protects both the mother and her child, and because of this legislation Northern Ireland is one of the safest places for a women to give birth. Ireland as a whole has one of the best maternal health rates in the world.

Unlike women in Great Britain where after 50 years of legalised abortion has created a consistent pattern in which higher abortion rates have run parallel to higher incidence of stillbirths, premature births, low birth weighs neonates, cerebral palsy, and maternal deaths as sequelae of abortion. 

In contrast, according to a research paper in 2012 by Dr Byron Calhoun, John Throp and  Patrick Carroll both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have displayed lower rates of all morbidities and mortality associated with legalised abortion. The law in Northern Ireland ensures pregnant women receive world- class care because both the mother and her unborn child receive the best obstetric care.  It's time to wake up to the fact that there is no need to change our legislation and no will from the people or our politicians.

The people of Northern Ireland have repeatedly told the Northern Ireland Assembly that abortion will never be in our name.  

It is because abortion rates are low among Irish women that Ireland shows a low incidence of maternal and infant conditions known to be abortion sequelae: still births, low weight births whether in singleton or multiple births, preterm or premature births, cerebral palsy and maternal deaths.  Ireland also benefits from low incidence of breast cancer and comparatively good mental health among women and a low incidence of certain diseases of the immune system, to which  low abortion rates have contributed.  Liberalisation of abortion laws in Ireland can be expected to result in higher abortion rates and a corresponding deterioration in respect of these conditions affecting the health of women. 


In Northern Ireland, thankfully, we do not have the same pro-death legislation; we pride ourselves on our pro-life laws which protect BOTH unique, unrepeatable and valuable human beings - mother and child. At least 100,000 people are alive here TODAY because we did not have the 1967 Act. We are in the midst of an enormous battle to safeguard the lives of our babies and our women here in Ireland. We will fight to save lives. We will keep Ireland pro-life. We will not discriminate.

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