Former abortionist: ‘Abortion is barbaric…abortion has no place in any civilized society’

Dr. Vansen Wong started performing abortions in the 1990s when a co-worker asked if he could help out with the procedures in their OB/GYN office. Wong agreed and went on to perform abortions in the evenings, earning a lot of money which helped to pay off bills. Over the course of seven years, he aborted hundreds of preborn children before eventually having a change of heart and mind. “I wanted to be an advocate for women, someone who wouldn’t be judgemental to a woman who’d already made her decision,” Wong explained in a poignant speech at St. Louis University in the US.

Wong initially thought that the vast majority of abortions would be performed for women who were in crisis pregnancies and extremely difficult situations. However, Wong quickly realised that most of the abortions he was performing were not because of medical necessity or rape but rather for convenience. For instance, one mother even had an abortion because she was planning a trip to Europe. “These women would say, ‘it’s not the right time’,” Wong said.

At the time Wong was doing abortions, he was a professed atheist, however when a patient died following a hysterectomy, he began searching out for God and going to Church services. Then, one day, his pastor started speaking out on the horrors of partial-birth late term abortion, and Wong started really thinking about it.  “Maybe God is telling me abortion is wrong,” Wong said. “It crept in – the realization that every person is made in God’s image.” Wong decided to walk away from carrying out abortions, but he still has to come to terms with the consequences and devastating outcomes of his own decisions, including the fact that two of his own children were victims of abortion. Speaking of the devastating aftermath of his actions, Wong said, “Now I’m trying to come to terms with two events I wish had never happened, and I suppressed their memories for so long.” Wong praised the help of post-abortion services, stating that “I had to seek some help from close friends who were skilled in post-abortion counselling to come to terms and ask forgiveness from God.”

Wong has turned his life around, and today he works at a pregnancy centre as their medical director. He performs ultrasounds, and speaks to groups about his experience and his moving story of conversion.

He spoke at San Francisco’s Walk for Life back in 2012, and not mincing his words, he told the crowd, “Abortion is barbaric. Abortion is intolerable. Abortion has no place in any civilized society.”

Wong has strong hopes that our civilised society will soon end abortion. Recently, he told university students at St. Louis University, “Your generation truly can reverse abortion. I hope together we can change this culture. I would hope as you think about abortion, maybe you will think about it a little differently, maybe more personally. What can we do as individuals to help change the approach in our society?"

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