• Rally Pics 2023

There was another massive turnout at this year's All-Ireland Rally for Life in Dublin on Saturday 1st July. The crowds gathered in Parnell Square from 11am, and at 2pm, the march proceeded through Dublin City Centre to the main stage at Custom House Quay.

Protecting our unborn babies is a daunting and serious cause, but as always, the Rally for Life was a fun-filled, family day out, with colourful signs and balloons, music and uplifting and inspirational speeches.

Director of Precious Life, and co-founder of the Rally for Life, Bernadette Smyth was one of the keynote speakers. She "rallied up the troops " urging them to continue fighting the evil of abortion, and send out a clear message to the world that the pro-life people of Ireland WILL WIN in our efforts to make abortion not only illegal, but UNTHINKABLE. Click on the video below to listen to her rally speech...

Other keynote speakers included:
Niamh Uí Bhriain - from The Life Institute,
Isabel Vaughan Spruce - co-director of March for Life UK, and was arrested for silently praying at an abortion centre
Senator Sharon Keogan - who has passionately stood up for the right to life of the unborn within the Irish Seanad,
Mattie McGrath TD - a long standing independent pro-life TD for Tipperary
Dr Trevor Hayes, OBGYN - has continually spoken out in defence of the right to life of the unborn
Conor O’Dowd -  college student and chef, who as a man with Down Syndrome has been outspoken in defence of unborn babies diagnosed with the same disability.

Check out the full video of all the inspiring speeches on the Rally for Life Youtube Channel here...

Check out more photos from the Rally on our facebook page here...


















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