Irish Health Minister admits Government are "fully committed" to criminalising pro-life women and men

Irish Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has admitted the Irish Government is “fully committed” to introducing legislation on censorship zones to block and ban pro-life groups praying and offering help to women outside the centres where babies are killed by abortion

The Minister said it was originally intended to provide for 'buffer zones' in the Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy Act 2018 but “a number of legal issues” were identified that required further consideration.

Minister Donnelly confirmed that "officials in the Department of Health continue to work with me..." to ensure legislation to ban the presence of pro-life group outside the baby-killing centres.

He said, "As Minister for Health, I am fully committed to the introduction of legislation...This commitment is in the Programme for Government."

   "I have also been engaging with a range of stakeholders and civil society groups in relation to the review of the Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy Act which is being finalised with a view to it starting in the coming weeks.

The Green Party said: "The Green Party welcomes the clarification from the Minister for Health that he is fully committed to the introduction of legislation" to ban and criminalise pro-lifers.

In Northern Ireland, the Green Party, Sinn Fein, SDLP and Alliance Party are colluding to introduce similar legislation to criminalise women and men who take part in pro-life vigils outside the abortion centres.

These Parties want draconian and oppressive new laws to create "Exclusion Zones" outside abortion centres across Northern Ireland. Their so-called “Exclusion Zones“ would effectively criminalise any person engaging in any pro-life activity outside the abortion centres.

"Exclusion Zones" are discriminatory as they would only target pro-life groups. Freedom of assembly and freedom of expression are fundamental human rights – both protected under Articles 10 and 11 of the Human Rights Act.

The Green Party, Sinn Fein, SDLP and Alliance Party are hypocrites. They spout talk about so-called ‘safe access' to abortion centres, but completely ignore the reality that babies are being killed inside these centres. The ultimate safe zone for unborn babies should be in their mothers' wombs.

Precious Life reiterate that the right to freedom of assembly and right to freedom of expression are fundamental human rights. Our vigils in Northern Ireland will continue offering help and life-affirming alternatives to women outside the abortion centres. We will never stop actively protecting unborn babies — when and wherever their lives are in danger of abortion.

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