ACTION ALERT - Tell your MLAs - No "Death by Post" for unborn babies in Northern Ireland

  • ACTION ALERT - Tell your MLAs - No
  • ACTION ALERT - Tell your MLAs - No

ACTION ALERT  - Tell your MLAs – No “Death by Post” for unborn babies in Northern Ireland 

In a recent BBC News report, it was revealed that NI Health Minister Robin Swann had proposed posting abortion pills to women for so-called “early medical abortions” at home.

Such a move would only increase the already high number of babies killed by abortion in Northern Ireland. The Belfast Telegraph reports that latest official figures from the Department of Health revealed 1,624 babies have been killed by abortion in Northern Ireland between March 2020 (when Westminster’s abortion law was implemented here) and June 2021.

A health department spokesperson said “…the Department has resumed planning work” to develop the full commissioning of abortion in Northern Ireland. Any such development will be subject to the agreement of the NI Executive at Stormont.

The BBC reports that it understands a paper on the commissioning of abortion was drawn up by Health Minister Robin Swann in May.
The BBC said it is believed Mr Swann proposed whether it would be possible for Northern Ireland to quickly commission a so-called "early medical abortion service” where women would be posted abortion pills to take at home.

These “DIY home abortions” would allow babies to be killed in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy (see below for the development of a baby up to 10 weeks.) 

Known as "telemedicine", these “at-home” abortions have been in place in other parts of the UK and the Republic of Ireland since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The abortion pill kills the baby by cutting off blood and nourishment. Then the pill causes the woman severe cramping, contractions with heavy bleeding, and forces the dead baby out of her womb. She can lose her baby anytime and anywhere (even down the toilet) during this intense and painful process which can last from a few hours to several days. At least 22 women have died from haemorrhage, toxic shock, sepsis, organ failure and ruptured ectopic pregnancy following an early abortion with these pills.

The BBC report says it understands that Mr Swann's proposal paper did not make it onto the Executive's agenda in May to be considered by all ministers.

However, the fact that Robin Swann has already proposed these “home abortions” in Northern Ireland is deeply worrying. He could bring his ‘Death by Post’ abortion pill proposals to the Stormont Executive again at any time.

Contact your MLAs and ask that they and their Party’s ministers in the Stormont Executive oppose any proposal to send abortion pills by post to homes in Northern Ireland – not only because of the babies that will be killed, but also the serious dangers they will cause to women.

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