A calculated, sinister, theatrical piece of BBC bias

Typical bias from the BBC. What a calculated, sinister, theatrical piece of BBC bias. This viral video is a prime example of the blatant, unapologetic and all too familiar pro-abortion propaganda from a public broadcaster, funded by the taxpayer to provide impartiality on major social issues, such as abortion. It is our duty for the creation of a caring, compassionate society to give pregnant women all the loving support and proper healthcare to help them throughout and after their pregnancies, especially crisis pregnancies.
She describes her unborn baby - whose heart starts beating at 16 days and has his or her own unique DNA, blood type, genetic blueprint and fingerprints - as a "bomb in her possession" and a "storm inside her brewing."
"I don't care about an emergency landing. That barely qualifies as a crisis from where I'm standing." Well, considering the hundreds and thousands of people who have plummeted to their death on a plane, one could argue that is a crisis. Furthermore, how arrogant to assume that no one on a flight has sadness and tragedy in their lives. The man behind you could be a widower and the woman in front may be visiting her dying sister in hospital.
She describes her 12 week old baby as "it." That baby can feel pain. That baby's heart is beating and brain is functioning. That baby has the eyes, eyelids, tongue, nose, mouth all formed and all bodily organs functioning fully, making bodily movements.
Getting a half an hour flight these days is as common and straightforward as making yourself a cup of tea. It has become second nature to our society. She also falsifies that the air hostess, doing her job and politely saying “excuse me”, invades her personal space to talk to her.
She says she "shouldn't have to practically flee. Up and leave this f*****g country." No need for the vile, grotesque language. Let's stop being dramatic. A flight to England isn't exactly immigrating to Australia.
What money is being utilised to buy the four "overpriced" gins "for fun," considering she paints a vivid picture of the apparent financial ordeal of travelling to get an abortion? She paints her brother, who gives her money, as an uncaring alcoholic for extra dramatic effect and rhyming her words like a primary school child reciting a poem for persuasive power.
Speaking of the intentional killing of a human being, she says, "the deed is done" and compares it to having played a game of cards. She says she is "exhausted, drained and totally relieved. I couldn't have possibly a child at this point in time." So her unborn baby is a child then? She says she has a "heart heavy and a weary chest." She says “it's sad and it's hard,” the post-abortive anger, anguish and trauma coming through. But why is it sad and hard if your unborn baby isn't human but a mere clump of cells, a bomb in your possession? The Fergusson study released in 2008, completed over 30 years, showed an 81% increase in mental health issues in post-abortive women. We don’t judge these women. We want to love, care and support them as much as they need. Take the millions of pounds spent on Marie Stopes and put it towards REAL, life-affirming healthcare which all pregnant women deserve. This girl is clearly damaged by her abortion. The anger and arrogance is covering up her hurt.
Women don't put their "lives a risk" by carrying their babies to full term. They do, however put their lives at risk when entering the heartless, money-making business of Marie Stopes that has performed over 400 botched abortions within just 8 weeks this year, causing at least 11 women to receive emergency operations and blood transfusions. Marie Stopes’ clinics have unregistered staff with doctors bulk signing consent forms and falsifying women's reasons for having an abortion. 2600 serious incidents were reported within just 12 months and at least 2 women lost their lives after having a so-called "safe" abortion at Marie Stopes - a highly profitable, incredibly lucrative abortion chain which have abortion quotas to reach and give their staff bonuses if they force women to have abortions.
"Repeal the 8th for women's sake." Repealing the 8th means abortions on demand up to birth for absolutely any reason, including 90% of babies with Down's syndrome. Over half of abortions are female babies, so what about a "woman's right" to be born? Repealing the 8th is a media-driven campaign in which a lot of advocates don't even realise what it would actually mean for a country that currently has one of the lowest maternal mortality rates in the world.
For a progressive, compassionate, humane society that respects and protects life we should be investing in and promoting real, life-affirming healthcare for women and unborn babies. Stanton Healthcare Belfast provides emotional, financial and medical support for pregnant women and post-abortive women. Let's work to protect, save and love every life because every life is truly precious.
Precious Life will continue to work to keep abortion not only illegal but unthinkable with the health and protection of women and babies as paramount for a holistic, caring, compassionate society - the dignity of every human life must be respected and protected.
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