Pro-Life Society at Queen's Fresher's Fair

As the academic year kicks off, last Thursday, 28th September, we had our Pro-Life Society Stall at Queen's University Belfast "Fresher's Fair" 2017. We had at least 20 new sign-ups, more than ever before - which we are delighted about and this makes us even more determined and ready for the year ahead.

Our Pro-Life Society are ready to start promoting a culture of LIFE at Queen's University Belfast. The most important, universal HUMAN RIGHT is the right to LIFE and it must be protected. For a progressive, compassionate society we should be promoting and investing in life-affirming healthcare for mothers and babies, for example perinatal hospice care and support.

Leo Varadkar, the current Irish Prime Minister, the Taoiseach, visited Queen’s University Belfast on Friday the 4th August to discuss the issue of Brexit.

However, in the front row of the crowd three Queen’s students were allowed to sit wearing "Repeal the 8th" jumpers. Furthermore, two of these students are vice presidents of welfare and education for Queen’s University Student’s Union. Therefore, they have the responsibility to represent ALL students.

By removing the 8th amendment, all legal protection is removed from unborn babies which would lead to the situation present in the rest of the UK - abortion-on-demand, up to birth.

Nearly 9 million babies have been killed through abortion in the UK since the introduction of the 1967 Abortion Act. 98% of abortions are for mere social convenience. The UK MP Fiona Bruce's inquiry exposed in the Westminster Parliament that 90% of babies with Down's Syndrome are aborted every year. That's not "healthcare". It's eugenics. For a society that promotes "equality" and "human rights" so often we should be treating babies with Down's Syndrome as equal human beings. 

Furthermore, the 24 week limit on abortions doesn't apply to babies with disabilites - who can be aborted right up to birth. This is not the society or world we want to live in, in which people with disabilities are inferior and life is disposable.

Therefore, the Pro-LIFE society has never been so important in order to counteract this promotion of a political stance that is not representative of the full student body. If you have any interest in getting involved in our society please check out our 'QUB Pro-Life Society' facebook page or contact Lucy on 07840269414.

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