"Jumping out of my comfort zone"

Odhran, one of our Youth for Life NI volunteers, speaks about his time on the roadshow in August!

"Before going on the Youth for Life roadshow I had a very limited knowledge of many of the facts about abortion. I have always been pro-life in my views as I was always taught the importance of protecting life from the moment of conception to natural death.

"The roadshow has helped me to gain a more in depth knowledge of the pro-life facts. During the roadshow, I really jumped out of my comfort zone, approaching people while leafleting and engaging in conversation with many members of the public. What really struck me while conversing with people on the streets was how many people have been misinformed when it comes to abortion.

"When talking to an inarticulate woman who began the conversation stating that she was pro-choice, it was evident that her views were coming from a good place and that her stance was based on what she believed to be morally right, however, much of the previous information that she had received and was making her views on was misinformation mixed with a sheer lack of information. Conversing with her and expressing my Pro-life point of view with her I could see her taking on board many of the truths and facts surrounding the topic and I could see her changing her point of view as the conversation progressed. To me this really demonstrated the damage that the media is doing in our society today and the confusion that it has caused amongst people.

"Many people want to be compassionate towards women and believe that the choice to have an abortion is the best way forward, but it is only when you show them the Pro-life message and show them the truths and facts that surround that message, can they truly be compassionate towards women and see that abortion helps no one, it is life ending and is not necessary to save the life of a woman, there is a much better alternative.

"Being a part of the Youth for Life roadshow I have learnt a lot, bonded greatly with the team and have come away more competent, confident and prepared for participating in further pro-life work, debates and conversations. The roadshow was a truly great experience and really helps to spread the Pro-life message and strengthen the Pro-life movement and I would highly recommend Youth for Life NI/ Precious Life to anyone looking to get involved with pro-life work!"

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