Youth for Life NI Summer Roadshow 2015

Between 22nd and 29th July, Youth for Life NI criss-crossed the length and breadth of the six counties of Northern Ireland on our pro-life road show. During this road show, we reached out to hundreds of people EVERY DAY with our pro-life message; that every unborn child has a right to life, a right to be cherished and protected from abortion.  Our road show aimed to help protect Northern Ireland’s unborn children from abortion by spreading our pro-life message and also by recruiting new members for our Youth for Life NI team!

Over the course of the week we “bussed” it from Belfast to Enniskillen, Omagh, Lurgan, Lisburn, Newry, Armagh, Newcastle, Portrush and Derry. We even crossed the border into Letterkenny!

We committed to spending just two hours in each town. We set up a table and information display in each town, sharing the culture of life by informing the public on the beautiful humanity and development of the baby in the womb contrasted with the horrific reality of abortion. We distributed up-to-date information leaflets to everybody on the street. We even wrote colourful and creative pro-life messages in chalk on the ground for members of the public to read after we had left the town to move on to our next destination!

People of all ages and backgrounds were drawn to our eye-catching information display, which encouraged people who already stood against abortion to stop and sign our petition for the ongoing “Stop Marie Stopes Campaign”, and provoked conversations with members of the public who were either misinformed or had never even thought about the abortion issue before.

We had a countless number of conversations with members of the public from both the pro-life side and pro-abortion side of the debate. For instance, a number of people disagreed with the work we were carrying out and challenged us on our views which made for some interesting and sometimes very long discussions. The more memorable conversations that we had, however, were the ones that reminded us why we were there and why the pro-life message is so important to spread. Below is just one example of a conversation one of our volunteers had:

"I met an elderly woman who told me the story of how she, in a crisis situation, fell pregnant. The woman had fallen pregnant out of wedlock which, at the time, was considered an even greater moral wrong than abortion by those closest to her. Her family, she told me, tried very hard to convince her to get an abortion and threatened even to kick her out the house if she didn't have an abortion. Against the will of her family and, she said, with the quiet support of some pro-life friends, the woman went ahead and had the baby and was very proud to be able to tell me that thanks to her decision, she had a daughter who grew up to be a midwife. Her daughter had been a midwife for ten years and during that time had helped deliver hundreds of babies. The woman then went on to tell me the names of her four grandchildren."

Youth for Life NI continues to bring the pro-life message straight to the heart of the public in our Street Outreach every Saturday in Belfast City Centre. Without this vital educational outreach, the public would be indifferent to the criminal offence of abortion in Northern Ireland and the killing of innocent unborn babies throughout the world.

If you know of anyone who would like to join Youth for Life NI, please get in touch with us on 028 9027 8484 or email   

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