Smyth Praises Daleiden's Courageous Exposure of America's Barbaric Abortion Industry

  • Smyth Praises Daleiden's Courageous Exposure of America's Barbaric Abortion Industry

As the 8th video exposing Planned Parenthoods inhumanity, please read this article by Anne O Hare.

“The dark underworld of the abortion industry is finally beginning to crumble” declares Bernadette Smyth, the founder and director of Precious Life, as the latest series of Planned Parenthood videos go viral, writes Anne OHare. 

In 2013 David Daleiden founded the Center for Medical Progress as a vehicle through which to pursue long-term, sophisticated investigative-journalism dedicated to the monitoring and reporting on medical ethics and advances, particularly those that impact on the value and dignity of human beings. 

A world in which medical practice serves the good of human nature rather than exploiting and destroying vulnerable and defenceless human beings is a world that seems to be slipping through our fingers and the consciences of many politicians, judges and healthcare professionals. But Daleiden and his army of journalists are not letting go of our moral duty to respect and protect our fellow human beings and are not allowing us to let go of it either. 

Daleiden is the project director of the Human Capital project; a thirty-month-long investigative journalism study by the Center for Medical Progress documenting Planned Parenthood’s illegal sale of body parts of aborted babies. Since July, eight videos have been released showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing illegal partial birth abortions and haggling over aborted baby parts with journalists posing as medical research company executives. For instance, in the fifth video Melissa Farrell, the director of research for Planned Parenthood, claimed aborted baby remains have been sold to bio-tech companies for the purpose of creating human mice. Mice continue to be bred to allow their tissue to take on more realistic human properties from the human organs provided, claimed one online news source reporting on the emerging crisis.   

More videos are to be released in due course.    

Since the first shocking video was released, three American states, Alabama, New Hampshire and Louisiana confirmed they would be cutting their funding to Planned Parenthood. However, President Barack Obama has spoken out against the whistle blowers, damning their efforts and claiming the videos were manipulated. In a statement released by the Department of Justice, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said: Planned Parenthood has staunchly defended its practices and claims the Center for Medical Practice illegally obtained its footage, and then excessively edited it to misrepresent what the organisation does.” In defence of these claims, Daleiden said in a TV interview with Fox News that full unedited versions of each video totalling thousands of hours are freely available on YouTube so the public can make up their own mind on the matter.

In response to the frenzy surrounding the footage, Bernadette Smyth said: 

“Thanks to the dedicated and passionate work of thirty months’ undercover investigations lead by David Daleiden and his team at the Center for Medical Progress, the dark and barbaric practices of the biggest abortion business in the United States have been exposed. Planned Parenthood are slaughtering innocent unborn babies and tearing their organs from their little bodies all for financial gainThis stomach churning revelation not only places abortion practice in the United States under the glaring light of further investigations, which, it is hoped, will result in the closure of these bloodthirsty businesses that have plagued neighbourhoods and cities throughout the United States for decades, but also invites glaring questions regarding abortion practices happening not too far from homeConsidering that Marie Stopes International also performs late term abortions, it is therefore justified to ask that the shady practices of theirabortion centres in Britain and elsewhere undergo intensive government investigations.

For instance, according to British Department of Health statistics for 2014, 140 abortions were carried out above 20 weeks’ gestation for women resident in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. There was a total of 3,172 abortions carried out above 20 weeks’ gestation for reasons of the unborn child’s disability specifically. What happened to the bodies of these little babies? How many unborn babies were mutilated by Marie Stopes’ abortionists who could not help but be seduced by the highest bidder creeping in the shadows of the black market? As alarmist and reproachful as this suggestion may seem, the question remains: “What goes on behind their closed doors?”

It is worth remembering that in a meeting with the Justice Committee on 10th January 2013, representatives of the Marie Stopes centre in Belfast failed to provide a detailed explanation of how pregnant women are medically assessed.The representatives failed to defend how Marie Stopes’ staffcould hold an honest belief, and have reasonable grounds to believe, that abortion was necessary to save a pregnant woman’s life or to prevent injury to her physical or mentalhealth’. Alarmingly, Dawn Purvis, the then programme director of the Marie Stopes centre in Belfast, when questioned by the chairperson of the Justice Committee admitted that there is nothing to stop Marie Stopes from carrying out abortions right up to birth.

Of course, pro abortionists will continue with the same old lies and deceit and will become more and more aggressive in their claims that abortion symbolises progress, womenreproductive healthcare and theiright to choose

But in light of Daleiden’s exposure of the atrocities committed by Planned Parenthoodthe questions that the pro-life majority in Northern Ireland must continue to ask are: “How much longer will our politicians let the business of the Marie Stopes centre in Belfast continue to operate under a cloak of darkness?”, and“How much longer will our politicians let the Marie Stopes centre in Belfast sit and stir their plans for the lucrative business of late term abortions of terminally disabled unborn children as they wait in hope for the law to change?”

Bernadette Smyth concluded: 

The most dangerous place is inside an abortion referral centre or abortion clinic. The words ‘progress’, ‘reproductive healthcare’ and ‘a woman’s right to choose’ have been monopolised by the pro-abortion lobby and are mere euphemismsThe dark and dangerous road that leads to the slaughter of innocent children is paved with such euphemisms and is well trodden by the likes of employees of Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes International.

But they will not drag us down that dark and dangerous path. They cannot fool us with their language of deceit. Marie Stopes may have set up camp under a cloak of darkness, but I have faith that when we continue to pray hard and do everything we can to provide women with any help and support they need to choose life for their unborn children, we will see the closure of the Marie Stopes centre in BelfastAnd when we stand united with the courageous army of pro-life activists throughout the world, we will bring an end to the massacre of vulnerable and defenceless unborn children.

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