In this seemingly endless battle between light and darkness, the luring power of the rhetoric of ‘a woman’s right to choose’ cannot be denied. Such rhetoric is propagated from political platforms by the likes of Sinn Féin, the Alliance party and the Green party. It is claimed as gospel truth by the Family Planning Association, Marie Stopes International, Amnesty International, and of course, the pseudo-politicians in the Queen’s University Students’ Union and the pseudo-intellectuals in the abortion rights groups dotted across Northern Ireland.


Perhaps it makes ‘pro-choice’ women feel strong and empowered. Perhaps it brings a much wanted feeling of security, a protective barrier against any hurt, pain or fear.

But what is the ‘choice’?

Does the mere fact that a woman has chosen something entitle moral respect for what has been chosen? Of course not. The claim that ‘it is my body, my choice’ does not mean that we should avert our eyes or take a step back whenever someone inflicts self-harm or kills someone else.  

When I think of the luring power of a ‘woman’s right to choose’, I think of what Alice von Hildebrand said:

“The dynamism of ideas that are ‘in the air’ is such that most people are carried away by it, without even being conscious of how influenced they are by its siren song.”      

Just like the Pied Piper who lured innocent children to their death with his ‘siren song’, Sinn Féin, the Alliance party, the Green party, the Family Planning Association, Marie Stopes International, Amnesty International and all the other abortion activists are luring women to kill their unborn children.

Many women are dancing to the tune of murderous and bloodthirsty abortionists who tell them that the only way to feel strong, empowered and safe and protected in their own body is to wait for the bleeding to start and, ‘when it comes away’, to flush their unborn child down the toilet, or to lie on an operating table in sedated ignorance while their unborn child is torn limb from limb.

Counsellors who stand outside Marie Stopes and the Family Planning Association are tirelessly devoted to reaching out to pregnant women who may be considering abortion. They are there to offer them valuable information on abortion and to provide them with any help and support they need to choose life for their unborn child.

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