The end of the summer school term is usually when primary schools carry out their Sex Education programmes in order to fulfil the demands of the N.I. Curriculum.  Little thought is given to the individual emotional and physical needs of pupils as this would be difficult in a classroom situation.  Parents, or other close relatives, are the only people who really know the children and it is their duty to inform them about the “facts of life” when they know they are ready.

Pro-life parents are aware of the intentions of the FPA, The Brook Advisory Clinic and The Sex Education Forum.  These groups are considered “the professionals” by education and health boards and their anti-life policies have permeated most sex education programmes. Even school nurses have been influenced by their ideologies. Modern parents are well equipped to educate their children and resist persuasive arguments in favour of classroom sex education.  

Chastity/abstinence  is the positive message parents should promote, accompanied by prayer and the Sacraments. I also like the idea of respect for self and all others; peer pressure is very strong so children need to be confident and well informed.  Children of pro-life families must be the future leaders, able to stand firm and influence others; they also need to know that they have the constant support of their parents.

If you decide to sign into classroom sex education ask to view the talk and any visual aids used; ask how “street-wise” questions will be dealt with and follow –up playground discussion. We need to protect the natural modesty and innocence of our beautiful children and guide them to face a secular world which seeks to corrupt them. 

One final word of warning! Pro- abortion charities like CHILDLINE/NSPCC  are asking Catholic schools to fund raise for them and they are welcomed with open arms. This is shocking, as innocent children and young people are being used to raise funds, some of which may go to  kill an unborn child. The websites of these charities are helping to corrupt our children and only parents have the power to stop them. Each school has a parent’s representative on the Board of Governors and this is the person whom you should first contact as well as the school principal. Present the evidence, which can be found on the internet or from most pro-life groups, as they have usually made a study of the root causes of abortion and promiscuity. “Precious Life’s” booklet, REALITY, is an excellent resource. I can also advise about other resources and can be contacted on I  would welcome comments and stories from anyone who has had experience of anything I have written about. We need to fight “the culture of death” from every corner!

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