The unspoken names of women who died after so-called "safe, legal" abortions

Abortion advocates constantly use euphemisms like “women’s rights”, “bodily autonomy” and “free, safe, legal” to describe a procedure that is only successful if a baby is killed. They ignore international law that enshrines the right to life yet states no right to abortion. They reject the scientific fact that life begins at conception. They deny basic biology that there are two bodies involved in every pregnancy – even more for twins and triplets – and that it is the baby’s body that is torn apart, limb from limb, in an abortion. Abortions cost taxpayers’ millions upon millions of pounds every year and making something legal doesn’t make it morally right. Slavery used to be legal.

Another fact abortion supporters never admit is that abortions are never safe. Abortion kills babies and hurts women physically, emotionally and psychologically. Research shows that abortion carries an increased risk (as high as 81%) of mental health problems including anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug dependence, self-harm and suicidal behaviour. (The Fergusson Study 2008 & The Coleman Study 2011)

Research also shows that abortion carries an increased risk of physical health problems including haemorrhaging, infertility problems and even maternal death.

The tragic story of Savita Halappanavar was a very significant factor in abortion being legalised down south. This story was utilised as pro-abortion propaganda. The 3 separate, unbiased inquests – including the HSE and HIQA reports - into Savita’s death all reveal that Savita tragically died as a result of mistreatment of sepsis and medical negligence. Hence, 9 medical professionals were disciplined. If her death had happened because of the 8th amendment, her family would have sued the state and not the hospital. Abortion – the intentional killing of a human being isn’t and never will be a cure for sepsis – blood poisoning.

Abortion is not healthcare and isn’t mentioned in any scientific textbook or medical literature as a cure because pregnancy isn’t an illness or a disease. Real healthcare saves lives. Savita very sadly passed away because of medical negligence. Her death had nothing to do with abortion. Furthermore, a late-term abortion can never be done in an emergency situation. It takes 2-3 days at least to prep a woman for a late-term abortion. Savita would have passed away before this.

On the other hand, you never hear of the two Irish women who very sadly died as a result of abortion. Aisha Chithira, 31, travelled from Ireland to England to have an abortion in 2012. She bled out and died after having a so-called “safe, legal” abortion in a London Marie Stopes. She was discharged despite vomiting and feeling dizzy, and displaying symptoms that “were not appreciated as potentially sinister”. Also, Bimbo Onanuga, a Nigerian-born resident of Dublin, died in March 2010 of internal bleeding when, while undergoing an induction, the baby was delivered through a rupture in her uterus into her abdominal cavity. An inquest found that the rupture was caused by scarring and thinning of the uterine wall caused by a previous abortion.

In 2011 Dr Phanuel Dartey perforated the uterus of an Irish woman and left parts of her baby inside her after an abortion at a Marie Stopes centre in London. He was later struck off the medical register.

In 2007, a 15-year-old girl died five days after an abortion at a Marie Stopes centre in Leeds. She never received antibiotics to combat an infection and died of a heart attack. In 2011 a 19-year-old girl contracted a Group B streptococcus infection after having an abortion. Despite surgery and medication, she died twelve days after the abortion. In 2014, three nurses were arrested in relation to the death of a young girl after an abortion at a Marie Stopes centre in Uganda. She died of excessive bleeding.

A 42-year-old woman died days after an abortion at a Marie Stopes centre in Australia in 2011. An anaesthetist is serving a 14-year jail sentence for infecting more than 55 women with hepatitis C at the Marie Stopes centre in 2008 and 2009.

The owner, Dr Mark Schulberg, was found guilty of professional misconduct in 2008 for failing to gain legal consent from an intellectually disabled woman before he aborted her 25-week-old unborn baby. A year later he was found guilty of inappropriately prescribing addictive drugs. He was struck off the medical register in 2013.

May we never forget the women and young girls who have lost their lives at the hands of the cruel abortion industry. Women – and their unborn babies – deserve so much better than the damage, destruction and death of abortion.

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