Pro-lifers in the North will stand firm against accelerated attacks on our laws

Our pro-life laws in Northern Ireland have saved over 100,000 people. If abortion was legal in our province, these 100,000 citizens of Northern Ireland would not be alive today. 

Despite this massive figure, a flurry of pro-abortion groups and politicians are aggressively demanding that the British government end Northern Ireland’s ban on abortion because they claim it violates ‘human rights.’ Yet there is no existing human right to abortion under any international legal treaty, convention or legal instrument. However, the most fundamental human right to life is widely recognised and enshrined in international law. Without the right to life, all other rights are meaningless. You cannot talk about the right to education; workers’ rights; the right to freedom of speech, expression or religion and so on, without first possessing the unalienable right to life itself.

Abortion cannot exist as a fundamental right because it takes away the right to life and infringes on the human rights of an unborn child – stripping the most defenceless amongst us of their right to life and slaughtering millions yearly through barbaric methods such as dismemberment, poisoning and suffocation.

The UN committee on the elimination of discrimination against women had said, back in 2018, that it “deeply regrets” the “continued failure” to legalise abortion in the only part of the UK where it is banned in almost all circumstances. These comments are in no sense legally binding on Northern Ireland. We, as one of the last remaining pro-life provinces in the world, have one of the lowest maternal mortality rates worldwide. We have a cultural respect for every person, born and unborn. We should be extremely proud of that.

The real ‘failure’ in today’s world is that millions of women have been betrayed by the abortion machine, lied to and made to feel as though they have to kill their own children to achieve their dreams; to further their careers; to maintain relationships or to secure a further level education. Abortion is no longer merely a ‘choice’ but a weighty expectation. Abortion hurts and damages women and is the barbaric destruction of unborn an unborn child in the womb. It is the child’s body that is torn apart limb from limb in an abortion. Further, 81% of women who have abortions suffer adverse mental health effects according to the prominent Coleman Study (2011), published in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

This is not genuine progress or real compassion and women and babies deserve so much more.

Precious Life - working to keep abortion not only illegal but unthinkable

Bernadette Smyth founded Precious Life, Northern Ireland’s leading pro-life organisation, and has been a relentless advocate for life for the last 22 years.

“Every day I help and support women in unintended pregnancies. Every day I meet women and men hurt by past abortions. We can do so much better than abortion. In 2019, with the addition of 4D ultrasounds and advanced medical care, people worldwide are beginning to truly wake up and reject abortion as a solution to any pregnancy. In the North, we are so proud to stand on the side of human rights, on the side of science and of true compassion and I assure you that we will continue to burn as a beacon of hope and light in an increasingly dark world.”

Although pro-lifers in Northern Ireland have been working harder than ever, the abortion lobby continues to fight to impose permissive abortion laws on the province, emboldened by the abortion referendum result in the Republic of Ireland and backed up by an ever-sympathetic media. Radically pro-abortion English Labour MP Stella Creasy has been relentless in her quest to introduce abortion in Northern Ireland. She previously intended to propose an amendment to a draft domestic abuse bill to change abortion laws here. However, the ruling Conservative government restricted the bill to England and Wales. The British government has said it believes Northern Ireland should change its law, but that the reform should come from Stormont.

Have confidence!

It’s important that pro-lifers in the North remain confident, bold and unafraid. It’s also crucial to remind ourselves that abortion is a devolved issue in Northern Ireland and devolution is not something anyone can pick and choose to fit an agenda. The many heroic pro-lifers we have met through our work over the last two decades give us renewed hope that there is the will, the passion and the conviction to stand firm and face whatever new attack comes our way – whether that be through the media, the abortion lobby, international interference, pro-abortion politicians or celebrities.

If you are pro-life, be confident and proud that you stand on the right side of history. Be brave and unafraid in the knowledge that this is the authentic human rights movement that saves lives every single day. With your help, we will keep saving mothers and babies from the unspeakable evil of abortion and we will keep standing strong for LIFE in Northern Ireland!

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